Oranges, mandarins, cedars, lemons & bergamots…

24 Maggio 2017

Artistic engravings of Ferrari, Aldrovrandi, Volckhamer…
Curious and detailed collection of images of botanical subjects belonging to the citrus family, made by artists, scientists, biologists and anthropologists. Artists of the past engaged in the realization of real museums of natural history. One of them, among the best known, the bolognese Aldrovandi called his work “theater” or “microcosm of nature,” he placed at the disposal of 18.000 scholars “diversity of natural things” and 7.000 “dried plants in fifteen volumes” . 17 volumes containing thousands of beautiful watercolors of animals, plants, minerals and monsters were part of the collection. These responded to the precise Aldrovandi and colleagues’s awareness of the images’ central role, as part of the research, that in their opinion were indeed very useful for the circulation of knowledge, offering a faithful portrait of the “natural things”…

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In conclusione

Oranges, mandarins, cedars, lemons & bergamots..

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